How to Keep Renters Happy

A landlord’s top priority should be to keep their tenants happy during their time in the rental. This is because happy tenant is more likely to renew their lease and stay long-term. Having a long-term tenant means more consistent passive income. 

In order to keep renters happy, you want to ensure that the property is well-maintained and clean. You also want to make yourself available to the tenants should they have questions. When the tenant feels like they have been taken care of they’ll feel confident staying in your rental property. 

If you want to learn how to keep your tenants happy, keep on reading!

Draft a Detailed Lease Agreement

The lease or rental agreement is a very important document as it details the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. It also includes all the terms and policies associated with occupying the rental unit. 

If your lease agreement is vague you’re more likely to experience conflict with your tenants. To avoid this issue, you want to ensure that your lease guides the renter on their duties, rights, and different procedures to follow. Having these details spelled out can serve as a reference during minor conflicts and can help avoid issues altogether. 

Always be Professional 

Approaching your role with the right attitude makes a difference. You have to remember that your tenants are also your clients, therefore they deserve a certain level of professional contest and respect. 

be professional and understanding

Remember that although you may be the property owner, the tenant is still paying to rent the space. Therefore, you cannot enter the unit as you please. Coordinate times with tenants if you need to inspect the unit to ensure that they are aware of the visit. When communicating with your tenant, you also want to ensure that you treat them with respect.

You always want to be patient, approachable, and respectful when interacting with your tenants. Doing so will help make them feel more comfortable and happy which will only solidify your working relationship with them. 

Be Responsive to a Tenants Needs

As a landlord, you have many responsibilities that you have to handle. Sometimes you’ll find yourself overseeing multiple things at once. That said, you still need to be sure that you are accessible and responsive to your tenant’s needs. 

If a tenant contacts you about a necessary repair, you want to follow up swiftly and keep them informed of what is being done and how long the repair should take. Provide your tenants with the same level of customer service and care that you would want to receive.

Respect the Tenant’s Privacy 

Everyone has a right to privacy. When it comes to managing rental properties, a tenant’s primacy is protected under the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment. This ensures that tenants are able to live in a rental unit without experiencing consistent disturbances. 

respecting tenant primacy

As the landlord, you can respect the tenant’s privacy by providing them with notices prior to entering their space. This ensures that the tenant won’t experience surprise inspections or other visits. You also want to ensure that you aren’t checking too frequently as this could also invade their primacy. 

Make Property Improvements 

If your tenant has been in the rental for some time, consider offering to conduct some property improvements. These renovations don’t need to be too costly, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or providing new appliances can go a long way in making tenants happy. 

You can also offer to have a professional cleaner come in to freshen up the space for your tenants. By taking these steps to maintain the unit, you’re showing the tenant that you care about their comfort and safety. 

Don’t Leave Conflicts Unresolved 

During your time managing rentals conflicts are bound to occur. This can be between the landlord and the tenants or between tenants and neighbors. Whatever the conflict is, as the landlord, you want to de-escalate the situation and maybe even act as the mediator. 

If a conflict is left unresolved then it’s bound to only get worse. The tenant may also feel neglected. However, if you make an effort to keep the peace, this will translate to happier clients. 

adding amenities renters like

Learn What Amenities Renters Want

Different kinds of tenants will desire different amenities in their rentals. For instance, some may want more storage space and modern appliances while others will prioritize having things like updated kitchens and bathrooms and additional security. 

Take the time to look into what your target demographic of renters desires and speak to current tenants as well. By learning what people want and need you’ll be better positioned to make property improvements and changes that will differentiate you from your competition. 

What’s more, by speaking with tenants and applying changes, you’ll also show that you value their opinions which can motivate them to stay long-term. 

Bottom Line

As a landlord, you want to keep tenants happy. This will help ensure that they stay long-term thus protecting your investment. Keeping them doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money but it does require attention to detail. 

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