How to Film a Great Video Tour of Your Rental


Property owners constantly seek fresh and original approaches to attract prospective renters. Due to the internet, property owners now have a simpler way to market their properties.

In addition to using property photographs as a marketing strategy, you can also employ rental video tours.

When you create a video tour of your rental, you might increase the number of requests you receive from potential tenants. A property tour is a powerful tool for promoting real estate if you have both the high-quality tools and the know-how.

Here at Home Choice Property Management, we’ll share our best advice on how to use a video tour to highlight and advertise your property’s best aspects.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

The quality of your lighting is crucial for videos, just as it is for taking images. The video should ideally be shot in the late afternoon.

Keep in mind that the windows may let in powerful sun rays, which make your video appear overexposed. Consider drawing your shades a little bit closer if you happen to record the video during intense sunlight.

You should be mindful of backlighting in addition to sunlight. Backlighting will happen when you aim your camera straight at the light source. We recommend you film with the sun on your back rather than on your face for best results.

You should also make a few minor modifications to the video’s natural lighting. Additionally, avoid turning on the built-in light on your smartphone, as natural light provides an incomparable quality.

Have a Strategy in Mind

Every successful outcome begins with a strategy. Ensure you have a shot list, so you know what you want to film and in what order before you start recording anything. This will guarantee that your transitions from one region to the next are seamless and steady.

Planning your filming route should take a few things into account for the best outcomes. You should make sure that your property looks its finest to start with. So, before the filming, you might wish to stage your house.

Next, you should consider how appealing the exterior of your property is. You should ensure the home’s exterior is beautiful, as you’ll probably begin there.

Additionally, you should focus on the distinctive characteristics of your house. Write out the distinctive qualities of your property, and then make sure to include them in the video.

Make Sure the Area Is Tidy and Clean

Creating a video tour is not so different from showing or staging a house. When you show a house personally, you’ll make sure that the property is in its best condition possible. All grime or dirt should be scrubbed clean from your property. The same standards should apply when doing a video tour.


This applies to your exterior as well. A great video tour will also capture the curb appeal and landscaping on the front and back yards. If you don’t have the time, resources, or expertise, consider paying somebody to put in the work.

A clean and tidy home will make your property stand out and make it alluring to potential renters looking to move into the area.

Map Out the Ideal Route

You need to choose the path for the video tour before pulling out the camera. The video tour has the same function as a property display.

It must include a complete overview of the entire rental property as well as the surrounding area. The video should also provide a seamless and perfect viewing experience. Planning in great detail is necessary.

Walk through the entire property after opening all the doors. Consider that you are showing the unit to a prospective tenant while they are standing beside you. Normally, you would begin by entering from the outside.

Pick out the aspects of each area or place you want to emphasize for the prospect. Having a notebook on hand will make it easier to record these details.

Create an Impactful Title

What impression do you want your rental property to leave on your target audience? Your target audience should be taken into consideration when creating your titles. You might include the number of bedrooms your house has in the video title if your target audience is large families.


On the other hand, you can also include that precise information in the title of the video if the property is close to the business district and you want to draw in young professionals.

It is also wise to give the audience more significant information by including a brief description after the title.

Record an Intro and an Outro

To complete this how-to guide on video tours, note that your video may appear more polished, professional, and narrative-driven if it has both an intro and an outro. A few seconds should suffice. Keep them as brief as possible.

You can also include your website and professional email address information in the outro. Additionally, make use of your professional contact details to protect your privacy. You can use this to establish boundaries between your personal life and your rental business.

Remember to incorporate a call to action for both your intro and outro. This is to ensure that you provide them with information on how prospective renters can contact you if they’re interested.


It takes planning to create a fantastic video tour. Take your time to create a quality video and concentrate on making it straightforward and impactful. Instead of adding extra sequences, choose to cut.

Make the scenes brief and focus on the greatest elements that will make an impression on your target audience. However, if you don’t have the time or expertise to do so, consider hiring a professional property management business.

At Home Choice Property Management, we have over a decade of experience providing property management services. We’re a full-service property management firm committed to providing our customers with high-quality services. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today!