How to Boost Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal

curb appeal

The front of your property can be made more attractive to generate interest from new occupants. The outside is essential regardless of how well-maintained the inside of your rental is. Since it’s the primary thing potential occupants will see when coming to visit the property, you need to create a positive environment immediately.

Even if you have popular amenities like contemporary furnishings and energy-saving appliances, potential tenants will factor how appealing your property looks from the outside into their final decision for renting the space. There are several options available to you when improving curb appeal. The best part is that you can increase curb appeal with little effort or cost. 

Little changes can go quite far in renewing the look and feel of the outside of your property and attracting prospective tenants. Here, Home Choice Property Management will share a few ways to enhance the curb appeal of your rental property.

Utilize Vibrant Colors

Utilize clear and vibrant colors on the outside of your property. You can paint the walls, doors,  window shudders, or mailboxes in eye-catching colors to separate your property from your competitors.

Moreover, you can improve the exterior of your home and cultivate a positive air for potential occupants by planting nice flowers or putting potted plants on either side of the front steps. A bold splash of color has the ability to attract attention.

vibrant house colors

Upgrade Your Front door

Prospective tenants will first see your investment property’s front entry. The way in which you maintain the home’s entryway can also indicate the level of care that you take when maintaining the inside of the house. 

The curb appeal of your property can easily be improved by replacing the front door. Pick a tint or color that stands out. While a bold and unique color will differentiate the home from others on the block, it might not appeal to a wide range of tenants. Picking a charcoal dark door could speak to a bigger number of occupants. You can also change of the hardware on the door for an added splash. 

Focus on Landscaping and Maintenance

Focus on your front yard to build up your curb appeal. First-time prospective tenants assessing your investment property will pass judgment on the state of the yard. Set aside some time to weed the garden, mow the lawn, and replace any dead plants. Keep a standard upkeep schedule. 

Keeping your rental home’s outside clean and well maintained also reduces the possible break-ins or vandalism as people will realize that there are individuals on the property caring for it. 

Assess the Roof

Buy quality material. Give comfort to your new occupants by having a durable rooftop. Although expensive, a good rooftop keeps your property safe and keeps up with its external allure. Since strong rooftop materials are costly, set aside savings. You should also note that roofs should be changed every 15 to 30 years. 

replacing rental property’s roof

You ought to call an expert if you notice stains on the roof or missing shingles. To ensure the occupants are living in a protected and clean rental, you may likewise have it checked for leaks and mold inside the property. An extraordinary rooftop can help improve the worth of your property and safeguard occupants.

Give the Garage Door a Refresh

The garage door is regularly neglected. Since most of your neighbors are fine with basic garage doors, you get the opportunity to give your property more character. Adding some extraordinarily reasonable garage door improvements you’ll be able to stand out further from the competition. 

A new garage door can cost a lot. That said, there are many cost-effective alternatives available to property owners. It will significantly improve the curb appeal if you power washes the outside and add either a new coat of paint or fixtures to the door.

Install Quality Lighting in Your Walkways

Any great exterior design plan should incorporate lighting, as well positioned lighting might assist with showcasing your rental’s front yard and make it stick out. Therefore, your home’s curb appeal should be attractive day and night. 

There is a large variety of lighting choices available on the market, no matter your spending limit. Spotlights and hanging lights can improve the structure’s appeal and illuminate the outside of your property. 

outdoor lighting for home

In addition to this, walkway lighting makes it easy for people to get and from their door in the evenings and early morning. Moreover, a well-lit exterior provides more security as it’s often a deterrent from thieves and vandals. 

Add Plants and Greenery

One of the finest ways to make your rental home stand out is with greenery. Trees and plants can give a place color and life while also giving any potential tenants more privacy. If vegetation isn’t quite what they want, try including flower planters. They are always a fantastic way to add life while being simple to maintain in any environment. You aim to establish a calm yet energizing atmosphere.

Keep in mind that the plants and other flora you choose should require little upkeep. Consult with professionals in landscape design if you want a lovely but low-maintenance yard.


It’s important for landowners to think both about the inside and outside appearance of their properties. By doing this, you put your rental space above other rentals on the market. Furthermore, it makes the property marketing process easier as the exterior of the home will sell itself. If that’s not enough, when you make an effort to protect your property’s curb appeal you’ll keep existing tenants happy!

If you need advice on how to market your rentals and improve your property’s overall appeal to tenants, contact real estate experts. The team at Home Choice Property Management is more than happy to help you achieve your investment goals. Contact us today to learn more about our property management services!