Squatting Laws in California – An Overview

California squatting laws

A squatter is someone who takes up residence in someone else’s property. Usually, such a property is either abandoned, foreclosed, or unoccupied. And without having lawful permission, a squatter will live in such properties rent-free.  In California, a squatter has rights and can own property by adverse means if they meet certain requirements prescribed under the state’s Adverse Possession…

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Reasons to Invest in Anaheim Real Estate

reasons to invest

Are you looking for new investment opportunities? Real estate investing is a very fruitful option!  Investing in California can be a little intimidating since it’s viewed as being relatively expensive especially for new investors. However, the benefits of real estate investment keep attracting new investors daily. California offers high rental rates and also has some of the highest return…

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Anaheim

Are you thinking of buying an investment property in Anaheim, CA?  When you decide to invest in real estate, you allow yourself to enjoy financial growth in the future. Taking the steps to buying a rental property will open you up to additional and steady earnings every month. You can even further increase your wealth portfolio using this strategy….

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Breaking a Lease in Anaheim, California – Know the Laws

What happens when you break a lease

A lease agreement spells out the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. It’s a legal document that binds the signing parties to its terms for a certain period. So, when your California tenant breaks it, you may be able to hold them liable both financially and legally. Generally speaking, most tenants who sign a lease agreement intend…

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A Guide to the Eviction Process in Anaheim, California

Home Choice california eviction process

Landlords in California have a right to evict their tenants for violating the terms of the lease agreement. For example, failing to pay rent or causing damage exceeding normal wear and tear. California, just like other states, has a detailed tenant eviction process. Landlords must abide by it to the letter for the process to be successful. Engaging in…

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California Security Deposit Laws

Home Choice security deposit laws

No law in California requires a landlord to collect a security deposit. That being said, landlords do have the right to require it from their tenants before lease signing. That’s because security deposits offer protection against a myriad of potential liabilities. If a tenant, for instance, fails to pay rent, you may be able to use part or all…

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California Rental Laws – An Overview of Landlord-Tenant Rights in Anaheim

In California, a lease agreement can be oral or written. Once signed, it gives both parties certain rights and responsibilities. A tenant is entitled to rights such as the right to live in a habitable property, to privacy, and to be treated fairly. Their responsibilities include consistent rent payment and maintenance of their rented premises. As a landlord, you…

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Quick Guide to Effective Tenant Screening

 Tenant screening can make or break the success of your rental business. You want to choose a tenant that will observe reasonable care over your property. Someone who pays the rent on time and can live in harmony with their neighbors or other tenants. But how do you find someone with these qualities? Our effective tenant screening guide…

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Ultimate Guide to Creating a Video Tour of Your Rental Property

making a video tour of rental property

In the past century, technology has continuously cemented its place in our lives. It is now an essential part of society. The internet, computers, and gadgets are able to connect people together and make work easier. One of the positive impacts of technology is the use of virtual tours. Through the use of video equipment, investors, property managers, and…

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Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Properties

Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Properties

There are many benefits to keeping your rental property well maintained. It not only preserves a home’s value but also makes it more attractive and helps keep tenant turnover rates low.  Rental property maintenance can, however, become tricky. It can be especially if you lack sufficient time or own multiple rental units. In such cases, little problems can go…

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