Top 8 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Anaheim

Similar rentals in the same neighborhood in Anaheim can result in tenants making a choice based on what amenities each property offers. This depends on the tenants’ needs and wants when it comes to picking the right amenities for them.

Everyone has different priorities. Someone who commutes for work would prefer a nice garage or a designated parking area. Those that have a lot of possessions or family members with plenty of belongings will choose a rental property based on storage space.

Consider what amenities you can offer to your prospective tenants when you either convert your residential home into a rental property or purchase an investment property. Once you’ve identified the best features and amenities in your rental, make sure to make them a selling point when marketing your property to renters.

Check this list for the best amenities that tenants are usually keeping their eye on:

Walkability Factor

Distance to convenient facilities such as transportation hubs, grocery stores, and schools are often a priority for renters. Are they located nearby and within walking distance? If conveniences are nearby, it saves the renters’ time and effort to get around. 

When you can easily walk to and from different areas, it’s easier to schedule the time for leisure, meet up with friends and engage in fitness activities. This means they can readily enjoy parks, dining spots, and entertainment centers in addition to running errands conveniently.

home storage space

Extra Storage Space

Extra storage space is often necessary. Does your Anaheim home present a lot of vacant spaces such as walk-in closets, pantry areas, and convertible spots? Big families often need a rental property where their possessions can be safely stored while still being accessible. You can renovate your rental and plan extra storage areas. This also helps in reducing clutter. 

Consider converting the space under the stairs into an additional closet or adding hooks and shelving to the bathroom. Small adjustments can create more space and convenience for tenants.

Adequate Parking Area

For working professionals who need to head to another city for work, a garage or assigned area for parking is essential. Will the vehicle be protected from heavy downpours or against theft? Having accessible and safe parking is important.

When your rental is located in an urban area where the homes are packed closer and parking is a challenge to find, having a rental home that has a designated area for parking will be favorable. For one thing, it lowers the tenant’s stress knowing their car is protected. You can also collect a parking fee as another way to increase your income in Anaheim without adjusting the rent higher.

Soundproof Walls

Outside noise can disturb a tenant’s peace especially if your rental faces the street. You may also have a neighbor that’s noisy. If this is the case, install soundproof walls in your Anaheim rental home to ensure that your tenants have quiet enjoyment of the rental place. 

rental property amenities

People value their privacy so soundproof walls are widely appreciated. They can gain peace of mind even if there’s outside traffic and noises. It also ensures a better night of sleep. Thus, rentals with soundproof walls earn more interest from prospective renters.

Kitchen Upgrades

Go over your kitchen amenities. Inspect the kitchen appliances and furnishings. Does anything need replacement or repair? Look at the hardware of the kitchen cabinets. Check the type of countertop you have. Be thorough in your assessment.

Most renters tend to focus on the kitchen to check if appliances are energy-efficient and whether the kitchen is attractive and functional. If you can afford it, go for a granite countertop since it elevates the kitchen’s appearance and is easy to maintain.

While you’re evaluating your kitchen, inspect the flooring. You want to choose a flooring material that requires less maintenance given that a lot of liquid and food spills happen in the kitchen. Consider having a spacious and nice layout where residents can easily navigate their way around when preparing meals.

Building Amenities

If you own an apartment complex in Anaheim, the first thing that renters want to know is the amenities you have. Do you have access to a pool, gym, or lounge area? Does your apartment include a fitness center? Having ready amenities in your complex delights tenants since they don’t have to spend additional money on membership costs.

building amenities tenants like

A rental property where conveniences are on-hand will keep tenants loyal. It also inspires more community engagement. Your tenants will gather in the common areas to enjoy the building amenities you offer.

Smart Home Features

Smart home technology is popular these days. A lot of people have become interested in connecting their devices to their homes and remotely controlling the settings. They can adjust the temperature prior to arriving home from work. They can also dim their lights without getting up to turn down the light switch. Your rental home will also gain more interest from renters who value utility bill savings. 

Outdoor Spaces

A lot of tenants rate a property higher when it provides a balcony, patio, or garden area. Check your front and backyard space. You can consider adding some outdoor seating areas. If space is tight, you can also build a rooftop area where renters can relax or cultivate a rooftop garden. Most tenants prefer to have an outdoor space extension when renting a home.

Bottom Line

Keeping up with top property amenities and trends means gaining an edge over other rentals in your Anaheim neighborhood. Make sure to know your target demographics first before investing in amenities for your rental. You want any investments or updates to be in line with what your target renter demographic is likely looking for. 

If you would like help managing your rental properties, reach out to the experts at Home Choice Property Management today! Our team of experts will gladly answer any questions you may have.